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OctoLapse RAW Photo Settings

Using the Octoprint plugin Octolapse by FormerLurker . There is a feature in the camera setting called “ External Camera - Script ” that can trigger Raspistill captures from the Raspberry Pi CSI camera. Trial and Error This is surprisingly not a very common method of getting higher quality photos for Timelapse partially due to it being a little bit more complicated and when using Raspistill for RAW photos it is actually just tacking the RAW data to the end of the JPEG files. To be able to use the RAW photo data the information will have to be extracted from the JPEG file and stuff like DCRAW would be needed to be used or other special software. Jack’s Blog over at actually got this idea started for me and has a pretty good write up on some very impressive camera shots from the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera . What I have figured out is how to use the OctoLapse plugin to run custom scripts more intended for external