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OctoPrint Camera Setting Rabbit Holes and lighting...

So I have been dusting off the 3D printer to back into the swing of things and getting back into the blog. With getting back into the blog I want to take things slow and do it right and improving the quality for any videos. Camera Setting Rabbit Hole: As for the story of Rabbit Holes and Lighting. I have been going down the Rabbit Hole of trying to improve the video quality of time lapse videos. what I am trying figure out is how to get the the Photos in Octo-Lapse either in RAW or something as close as possible while staying on a tight budget, so no fancy DSLR is in the budget. So instead of using my previously reviewed webcams I figured I pick up one of the Raspberry Pi cams that uses a CS lense. I picked up the Arducam 5MP OV5647 Camera Board /w CS mount Lens [ Amazon , Arducam ] to be able to play around with and try out different lenses. The reason behind this particular camera was primarily due to price and it has a raw supported format "8-/10-bit raw RGB data" [ Arduc