3D Printing and Kids

So I have slowly getting back into the swing of thing in the 3D printing world. A lot of stems from telling my wife don’t let me veg out and watch TV alright stay on top of me to force me back into it.  I struggle with project burn out where I get really into something for a while then after a few months I get bored and move onto something else. However, 3D printing is something that I regularly come back to. This go around with the help of my wife and daughter I have gotten back into it. I have been printing a lot of Toy Boats from Thingiverse, link for the curious: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:977873, for my Daughter that she loves. 

Which this brings me to the Title 3D printing and Kids, 3D printing can be a great inspirational and educational tool for children that excites them. Things like seeing it grow as it prints, getting to choose what color it is, scaling it from something real tiny to something real big. It can spark their curiosity and I see it everyday in my daughter’s eyes when she wants to so desperately help me with the 3D printer. She often grabs some of the tools laying around and say “I am working” or “I am fixing it”. She always wants to be right there with me exploring it seeing what everything does despite how frustrating it can be with her “in the way” or touching spot that could be dangerous. However, I push though my frustration that sometime overcomes me because I don’t want to stifle her curiosity and creative wonder she has.  I just try my best to guide her and teach her to be careful around the printer because it can easily hurt them either through burning or shocking if they stick a little finger in the wrong hole.  

As she gets older I hope to continue fostering these things with her and my future children. I would love to see their creative minds continue to grow and possibly instead of buying the normal commercial toys that are all to popular I can get away with printing ones that are all over the 3D printing repositories or hopefully inspire them to design and come up with their own toys, their one gizmos and gadgets. I am actually kind of jealous of my kids to some extent and I can only imagine where my life would be at if I had the relatively affordable tools at my disposal as a kid fascinated with understanding how things work and as an adult loves the creative process of reverse engineering something to tweak it, make it better, or coming up with my own solutions to a problem around the house.

As for more content, I do have some parts purchased for the Solidoodle upgrade project, have found a Thingiverse project that I am printing up for it, and I do have a good handful of TimeLapses I need to edit and post. So stay tuned!


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