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3D Printing and Kids

So I have slowly getting back into the swing of thing in the 3D printing world. A lot of stems from telling my wife don’t let me veg out and watch TV alright stay on top of me to force me back into it.    I struggle with project burn out where I get really into something for a while then after a few months I get bored and move onto something else. However, 3D printing is something that I regularly come back to. This go around with the help of my wife and daughter I have gotten back into it. I have been printing a lot of Toy Boats from Thingiverse, link for the curious: , for my Daughter that she loves.  Which this brings me to the Title 3D printing and Kids, 3D printing can be a great inspirational and educational tool for children that excites them. Things like seeing it grow as it prints, getting to choose what color it is, scaling it from something real tiny to something real big. It can spark their curiosity and I see it everyday in my daug