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3D Printed Speaker part 1, upcycled Logitech X530 speaker

  So I had the idea of 3D printing a custom speaker for a little bit and watching videos from people like Hexi Base,  Hexi Base Channel , who does a lot of great 3D printed speakers and subwoofers. Thomas Sanladerer’s covering of 3D printing speakers,  DIY 5.1 Surround speakers - a learning opportunity! #3DPrinting . Along with more traditional speaker design videos such as SoundBlab,  SoundBLab's Channel . To start down the journey of designing and printing speaker housing I figured to wing it and to repurpose some speakers I have around the house. First speakers to start experimenting with are some old Logitech surround sound speakers,  CNET's review of Logitech X530 speakers , that I had left over from this set that went missing in college. I took one apart and started measuring one up to do a rough draft of a custom speaker.    Now keep in mind I am no expert in speaker design and don’t plan on pretending to be one online.    I also have no clue on how well it will sound on

Change of pace…

 Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I haven’t abandoned doing stuff just having a bit of change of focus. I previously was doing weekly or more frequent posts and it got a bit challenging to keep up and keep it high quality. So I am shifting to a more irregular posting but try and have higher quality posts. I am most likely going to repurpose the blog to a show notes type thing for the YouTube videos I have been doing. Thank you for your support and tuning in!