Thing Thursday - Satsana Remix for Steel BLT mount

So I found the original Satsana Ender 3 Fan Duct on one of the community pages for the Ender 3, I believe it was a Facebook group but I cannot find the post. What tempted me to print this one is well two things, one who does not love to tinker and modify things, and two a commenter on the post said they printed it in PLA+ and have not had any issues with it. So I figured hey I got some good IIID Max PLA+ on hand and I could use it for a Thing Thursday post so a printing away I went.

So after a fourteen and a half hour print I had an amazing print if I do say so myself of this Remix of the Fan Duct that supports the Steel BL Touch Mount bracket. I did have to remove some supports that were on there pretty good so I am going to look into those settings for future prints.

I do like the design of the fan duct but I might go with a different remix that can support multiple blower fans in the future but I have not bought any yet so there is no real big rush on that.

One thing I would strongly caution though is I would not recommend printing this with any PLA Materials. While it does hold up fine if you have the part cooling fan going 100% all of the time but it is often a setting automatically configured by the slicer's g-code and easily overlooked. Also who wants to run a fan all of the time if you don't have to. The reason for this caution is during my testing once I got it mounted I cranked the hot end to 235 degrees Celsius, and while I typically do not print at these temps they are not unheard of with a lot of filaments, I did notice the right side nozzle start to warp and deform from the heat around the nozzle if the part cooling fan was turned off. As soon as I turned it back up it hardened back up and did not have any issues.

I have not ran a print with this fan duct installed and I currently do not plan to because I often leave it with very little supervision and I do not want it causing any issues. When I go to reprint it in the future I will be using a more properly suited filament such as PETG or possibly ABS/ASA.

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