Thing Thursday - Busy Week

 It has been a bit of a busy week since last post. I did a teaser YouTube post about a 3d print I had started that was a gift for a birthday party.

The Print is a Batman model I found on Cults 3D that I think is pretty awesome and in my opinion turned out great. The model I believe is based off the Batman the Animated Series Batman and is one my childhood favorites. I will definitely be reprinting for my personal collection.  

I did have some first layer issues and a bit of warping on one of the spikes of the cape.

I also printed up a replacement Tripod Plate for because the previous replacement broke when it got knocked over with nothing but a Phone Holder on it. For this print I did a Live Stream on Friday 3/12/21 and played around with various stream options. I think I am going to make it a weekly thing but going to need to come up with unique content for it that is separate from Thing Thursday posts. I just got to be careful to not overdue myself to burn out on things.

For this Print it was also printed in Giantarm PLA Filament linked to above. I did print it in a vertical orientation with the hopes that the different angle of the filament lay lines will provide better strength because the previous one broke at a weak point I found in the design but also long with how it was printed.

I did end up finding the same Tripod the only difference is mine is a silver and this one is a bronze color. It has been a pretty good tripod it is very light and easy to pack up and go but if you have a big camera on it you might want to rig up a counter weight on it because it can get pretty top heavy on it pretty quick. I plan on looking into a similar solution for a future post.
  • Amazon Basics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand With Bag - 16.5 - 50 Inches
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