Product Review - ZKenline 2K webcam

So I went out on a search for a better webcam to do time lapse videos and use for future unboxing videos and more live streams.  I ended up finding one that I liked that is very affordable and is not needlessly large, I wanted something fairly small but great picture quality.  I also ideally wanted something higher resolution than the standard 1080p webcam because who does not like more pixels and to be able to do some zoomed in effect for videos and not loose quality.

After searching numerous pages on Amazon I found one that meet my criteria but did not have many reviews on it but the few it did they all were great ones. So I took a gamble and bought two. Wanted one to live constantly staring at the 3D printer and one that I can use for recording me and unboxing videos.  I am probably going to pick up a few more before to long so I do not have to worry about moving the camera around to much and can record things at different spots or different angles.

The Camera is the ZKENLINE 2K Webcam. 2K is the resolution of 2560x1440 or 3.7
MP, it records video at 30 FPS.

Things to note about the product though. The Amazon posting makes it sound like it is a USB Type C Only camera and that you would need to buy a USB Type C to USB Type A cable or adapter for it to work but this is not the case. It does come with a USB Type C to USB Type A cable.  If you need a Type C to Type C cable or the adapter I mentioned above Affiliate links will be below.


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