Back at it! Ideas while snowed in.

During the recent snow storm that hit a lot of the country pretty hard my bonus room where my printer is setup in is finally to a comfortable temperature and I am able to get back to tinkering and printing again. 

However the time off was not a total waste I have manage to finally get a custom domain setup and I have come up with a few ideas on what to do for the Blog and YouTube.  A lot of the ideas revolve around the idea of alliteration such as "Thing Thursdays", "Spool Saturdays", "Project Mondays", and "Time-Lapse Tuesdays". I would love to hear what your thoughts are on some of these Ideas.

I will elaborate on each of the ideas and how frequent I might do them.

Thing Thursday

This will most likely be a weekly thing where I find various thing on sites like Thingiverse, 3DCults, MyMiniFactory and many other websites where 3D models can be found. I will review things such as printability, make my own how-to's for assembly, and depending if it is a model either attempt to paint it myself or call on a buddy of mine who enjoys painting miniature models to do a few for me.

Spool Saturday

This will most likely be a monthly review or whenever I get a new spool of filament but just be uploaded on Saturdays. I will follow in the formula on the other reviews I have done before but continue to refine my process.

Project Monday

This will be highlights of my own projects I come up with or customer based projects if I get the okay from them to highlight it on the blog and YouTube Channel. I ideally would like to keep this a weekly post as well but it could have some overlap with some of the other content ideas.

Time-lapse Tuesday

This will be like Spool Saturday where it is a monthly or irregular but posted on Tuesday type content where I will share the time-lapse videos of various prints that I have done. Could be either of single items or compilation of a handful of them.

I am not 100% sure how much of this I can keep up because there is a lot involved with everything and only have so much time each night to work on things. I only work on this after everyone turns in for the night and family and health comes first.

Here is my first print since the snow storm it is a little Gengar I found on Thingiverse.

I also made my first YouTube Video where I am in front of the Camera and a intro video that I am going to use for a little bit.


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