Thing Thursday - Logitech C270 camera mods


For the first Thing Thursday I have went with some webcam mods to hopefully help with better time-lapse videos. There are a total of 3 different models found on Thingiverse shown here. I did have some issue getting it to print but that was on me and not the model. Had some clogging issues and over extrusion issues that I was able to work out.

Printer Fixes

Clogs - replaced the nozzle

Over Extrusions - calibrated the e-steps and fixed some Cura settings that had the flow set way to high for some previous filament.

Models Printed

First model up is the Focus ring mod. Original design was done by user Notune21 and then I found a remix of the focus knob by TheChrisP.

The second model is a Ender 3 Logitech C270 snap-on mount by jacobtc which allows me to mount the camera on the pully cover on the gantry to get a good angle over the print bed.

Here is the video of everything being assembled, with a few failed time lapses, and a sample view of where the camera is going to be mounted.


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