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Gregger's Lab Live Stream- We are going to get ABS to print well, somehow...


Gregger's Lab Live Stream- Calibrating Stream and prints, testing new print bed


Product Review - ZKenline 2K webcam

So I went out on a search for a better webcam to do time lapse videos and use for future unboxing videos and more live streams.  I ended up finding one that I liked that is very affordable and is not needlessly large, I wanted something fairly small but great picture quality.  I also ideally wanted something higher resolution than the standard 1080p webcam because who does not like more pixels and to be able to do some zoomed in effect for videos and not loose quality. After searching numerous pages on Amazon I found one that meet my criteria but did not have many reviews on it but the few it did they all were great ones. So I took a gamble and bought two. Wanted one to live constantly staring at the 3D printer and one that I can use for recording me and unboxing videos.  I am probably going to pick up a few more before to long so I do not have to worry about moving the camera around to much and can record things at di

Thing Thursday - Busy Week

 It has been a bit of a busy week since last post. I did a teaser YouTube post about a 3d print I had started that was a gift for a birthday party. The Print is a Batman model I found on Cults 3D that I think is pretty awesome and in my opinion turned out great. The model I believe is based off the Batman the Animated Series Batman and is one my childhood favorites. I will definitely be reprinting for my personal collection.   I did have some first layer issues and a bit of warping on one of the spikes of the cape. Link: Printed with: GIANTARM PLA Filament 1.75mm - Black Amazon Affiliate Link: I also printed up a replacement Tripod Plate for because the previous replacement broke when it got knocked over with nothing but a Phone Holder on it. For this print I did a Live Stream on Friday 3/12/21 and played around with various stream options. I think I am going to make it a weekly thing but going to need to

Thing Thursday - Satsana Remix for Steel BLT mount

So I found the original Satsana Ender 3 Fan Duct on one of the community pages for the Ender 3, I believe it was a Facebook group but I cannot find the post. What tempted me to print this one is well two things, one who does not love to tinker and modify things, and two a commenter on the post said they printed it in PLA+ and have not had any issues with it. So I figured hey I got some good IIID Max PLA+ on hand and I could use it for a Thing Thursday post so a printing away I went. So after a fourteen and a half hour print I had an amazing print if I do say so myself of this  Remix of the Fan Duct that supports the Steel BL Touch Mount bracket. I did have to remove some supports that were on there pretty good so I am going to look into those settings for future prints. I do like the design of the fan duct but I might go with a different remix that can support multiple blower fans in the future but I have not bought any yet so there is no real big rush on that. One thing I would str

Thing Thursday - Logitech C270 camera mods

  For the first Thing Thursday I have went with some webcam mods to hopefully help with better time-lapse videos. There are a total of 3 different models found on Thingiverse shown here. I did have some issue getting it to print but that was on me and not the model. Had some clogging issues and over extrusion issues that I was able to work out. Printer Fixes Clogs - replaced the nozzle Over Extrusions - calibrated the e-steps and fixed some Cura settings that had the flow set way to high for some previous filament. Models Printed First model up is the Focus ring mod. Original design was done by user Notune21 and then I found a remix of the focus knob by  TheChrisP . The second model is a Ender 3 Logitech C270 snap-on mount by  jacobtc  which allows me to mount the camera on the pully cover on the gantry to get a good angle over the print bed. Here is the video of everything being assembled, with a few failed time lapses, and a sample view of where the camera is going to be mounted.

Back at it! Ideas while snowed in.

During the recent snow storm that hit a lot of the country pretty hard my bonus room where my printer is setup in is finally to a comfortable temperature and I am able to get back to tinkering and printing again.  However the time off was not a total waste I have manage to finally get a custom domain setup and I have come up with a few ideas on what to do for the Blog and YouTube.  A lot of the ideas revolve around the idea of alliteration such as "Thing Thursdays", "Spool Saturdays", "Project Mondays", and "Time-Lapse Tuesdays". I would love to hear what your thoughts are on some of these Ideas. I will elaborate on each of the ideas and how frequent I might do them. Thing Thursday This will most likely be a weekly thing where I find various thing on sites like Thingiverse , 3DCults , MyMiniFactory and many other websites where 3D models can be found. I will review things such as printability, make my own how-to's for assembly, and depending