New stuff and winter storm!

So I have been doing a lot of work since my last blog post. I moved platforms from to and moved all of my content which took a bit. I also setup a YouTube channel to store my videos for this blog at and I planning on doing some vlog type content on it. I am not 100% sure how I plan on going about that but like everything it is a learning process while I go along.

I got a new mainboard in for my Ender 3 which is the BIGTREETECH SKR E3 DIP V1.1 32 Bit + TFT35 V2.0 Display with 4pcs TMC2208 UART Kit. I have not gotten to print to much with it because I have been trying figure out to do my own Firmware configuration on it. I think I am close to getting it, been wanting to figure out how to set it up to be able to still use the Z end stop and the BLTouch off bed leveling. However, most information I find see on it most people just use the BLTouch for both.  I will probably end going this route and setting the bed up to being a fixed bed where I don’t have to mess with the adjustment screws.  Once I get everything setup how I want and able to run a few prints I will do a bigger write up on the board.

I also have not gotten to do much printing here lately as I would like due to the snow storm that rolled in with the crazy low temps. The heaters in my bonus room where my office and 3D printing are are at weren’t keeping up so I just shut it all down and isolated that part of the house. Once things start heating back up I plan on getting back on the printer doing some more prints, trying out FreeCAD because Fusion 360 changed up their free/hobbyists licensing and I think I am going on give Ideamaker Slicer a try as well.

In the not to distant future I think I am going to get my hands on a Tronxy X5SA 3D printer and build a Voron 2.4 CoreXY 3D Printer.

Also a side note if you guys can go subscribe and like go all of my social media platforms that would be appreciated. The more views and likes I get the better chances I can get my hands on more stuff to review and post.





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