Who is that Pokémon!

One of my more recent prints and seeing how Pokémon have been a popular time lapse option who wants to guess who this little guy is?

A bit about this last week or so, the Family and I have just came off of being quarantine because we got the COVID. Normally you would think dang Greggers has all of the time to do all of the prints and all of the blogging about it. That was going to be the plan but I kind of took it as a break partially because I was having to work from home and my desk was also my work from home desk. About the only things I got done printing is the Pokémon planter in the time-lapse video, some handles that I designed up that are a little bit bigger than I intended for my enclosure and then my Printer decided that was it for the aftermarket motherboard I had installed on it. I am not 100% sure what happened everything powers up fine but nothing shows up on the screen. Not 100% sure if something got fried or if something got bricked in the firmware for the board. However, I still had the factory mainboard that came with the printer so I am not completely down, the printer is just a little bit louder now. This also means that there are going to be some new upgrades and new projects down the road because who doesn't love tinkering?

Also a little bit off topic because I binge watched DC's Doom Patrol, this Pandemic can suck it robbing me of the final episode of season 2 leaving on a HUGE CLIFF HANGER.



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