Setting up the New Blog

 After much searching around I have decided to go with as my current new home for my future content. I am currently working on moving everything from Wix to Blogger. While Wix is pretty good and robust a lot of the features I want to use is behind a paywall with a decent price tag on it. With Blogger it is more geared to well bloggers and I kind of like the Time Line feature of it to keep everything in chronological order. I am still learning the ins and outs of setting and configuring everything so with time I will get everything polished.  With this new move there is opportunities to monetize to get some extra funds coming in to help keep this train going. I am also setting up a YouTube channel to host my time-lapse print videos so I will be working a lot there as well. In the not to distant future I could start doing videos along with my written blogs but time will tell. 

So Far some resources I have found to help me setup things in Blogger are these posts and resources sites.

As I find more resources to use I will come back and update this post.


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