Pokémon - Got To Print them All!

 By request I printed a Bulbasaur succulent planter. The file can be found at Thingiverse and the only change I made was change the scale of it to 300%.

However, we went out and picked out some succulent plants without taking the little guy and thought he was bigger than what he turned out to be. So I will probably find some other plant to put in the little guy and print up some new homes for the other guys.

Also here is a pretty sweet time-lapse video of it being printed.

Here are some Print Specs from OctoPrint:
Model size: 168.71mm × 180.00mm × 91.80mm
Filament: 36.30m / 87.30cm³
Estimated print time: 12:15:09
Last printed: 10 hours ago
Last print time: 12:21:24

Sliced in Cura with the standard quality - 0.2mm
infill amount: 20%
infill pattern: Cubic Subdivision
Nozzle Temp: 200 C
Bed Temp: 50 C
Flow: 110%
Filament: AIO Robotics 1.7mm Filament - Bright Green


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