Filament Review - IIID Max Light Blue – PLA+

I have been eyeballing this Filament for a little bit now and my Dad picked up a role for me to do some prints with for him in. It is from a Medley Florida based company called IID Max and they get bonus points in my book for being a US based company.

I am pretty impressed with the packaging other than the vacuum sealed bag did have a small cut in it causing it to loose it's seal. They also did not include a large Ziploc style bag to store it in when not printing like I have experienced with Geetech and GiantArm filaments but that is not a deal breaker in my book.

For some test prints with this filament I did a Heat Tower from the "Ender 3 calibration files by TeachingTech" pack on Thingiverse.

From what I could tell the best temps for it is 220 C at the nozzle and 60 C for the bed.

All in all I am really impressed with this filament and definitely will be buying more of it. Stay tuned to see some more posts of prints printed with this filament.


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