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Setting up the New Blog

 After much searching around I have decided to go with as my current new home for my future content. I am currently working on moving everything from Wix to Blogger. While Wix is pretty good and robust a lot of the features I want to use is behind a paywall with a decent price tag on it. With Blogger it is more geared to well bloggers and I kind of like the Time Line feature of it to keep everything in chronological order. I am still learning the ins and outs of setting and configuring everything so with time I will get everything polished.  With this new move there is opportunities to monetize to get some extra funds coming in to help keep this train going. I am also setting up a YouTube channel to host my time-lapse print videos so I will be working a lot there as well. In the not to distant future I could start doing videos along with my written blogs but time will tell.  So Far some resources I have found to help me setup things in Blogger are these posts and resources

Prusa Slicer First Thoughts

  So I figured I would give a different slicer a chance than the tried and true Cura that I have used for several years now. Before I get to far into my take on Prusa's Slicer let me explain what a Slicer does for 3D Printing. A slicer is a piece of software that takes some kind of Computer Generated Drawing , such as files from Fusion 360, Blender, or OnShape that you make yourself or files you have downloaded from sites like Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, or any other source of 3D models and convert the file into something the printer can understand, typically G-Code. It also lets you the user define things such as temperatures of the nozzle and print bed, how much infill to use, and a ton of other settings that can change how the file is printed. The name of slicer is because in the software it also lets you see what it is doing layer by layer like if you were to slice an onion or something. For my first print with Prusa Slicer I am pretty impressed with it on my Ender 3 with stoc

Who is that Pokémon!

One of my more recent prints and seeing how Pokémon have been a popular time lapse option who wants to guess who this little guy is? A bit about this last week or so, the Family and I have just came off of being quarantine because we got the COVID. Normally you would think dang Greggers has all of the time to do all of the prints and all of the blogging about it. That was going to be the plan but I kind of took it as a break partially because I was having to work from home and my desk was also my work from home desk. About the only things I got done printing is the Pokémon planter in the time-lapse video, some handles that I designed up that are a little bit bigger than I intended for my enclosure and then my Printer decided that was it for the aftermarket motherboard I had installed on it. I am not 100% sure what happened everything powers up fine but nothing shows up on the screen. Not 100% sure if something got fried or if something got bricked in the firmware for the board. However

Filament Review - IIID Max Light Blue – PLA+

I have been eyeballing this Filament for a little bit now and my Dad picked up a role for me to do some prints with for him in. It is from a Medley Florida based company called IID Max and they get bonus points in my book for being a US based company. I am pretty impressed with the packaging other than the vacuum sealed bag did have a small cut in it causing it to loose it's seal. They also did not include a large Ziploc style bag to store it in when not printing like I have experienced with Geetech and GiantArm filaments but that is not a deal breaker in my book. For some test prints with this filament I did a Heat Tower from the " Ender 3 calibration files by TeachingTech " pack on Thingiverse. From what I could tell the best temps for it is 220 C at the nozzle and 60 C for the bed. All in all I am really impressed with this filament and definitely will be buying more of it. Stay tuned to see some more posts of prints printed with this filament.

Failed Print!

Got another failed print. Made it 3/4 of the way through a 26hr print when it decided to jump off of the build plate. The reason this was so long of a print was I did try using a smaller nozzle and slowing the print down because it is a miniature that I have tried to print several times but have been unsuccessful at. I think the only way I am going to be able to fully print this is if I get a printer that can support 2 filaments and run one of the filaments that can be dissolved in water like PVA Filament .

Pokémon - Got To Print them All!

  By request I printed a Bulbasaur succulent planter. The file can be found at Thingiverse and the only change I made was change the scale of it to 300%. However, we went out and picked out some succulent plants without taking the little guy and thought he was bigger than what he turned out to be. So I will probably find some other plant to put in the little guy and print up some new homes for the other guys. Also here is a pretty sweet time-lapse video of it being printed. Here are some Print Specs from OctoPrint: Model size: 168.71mm × 180.00mm × 91.80mm Filament: 36.30m / 87.30cm³ Estimated print time: 12:15:09 Last printed: 10 hours ago Last print time: 12:21:24 Sliced in Cura with the standard quality - 0.2mm infill amount: 20% infill pattern: Cubic Subdivision Nozzle Temp: 200 C Bed Temp: 50 C Flow: 110% Filament: AIO Robotics 1.7mm Filament - Bright Green

BLTouch - Auto Bed Leveling

  Here is my journey of getting a BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling probe installed on my printer. It was a surprising fairly easy setup. So a bit of back story I do not have a stock mainboard in my printer. I have the BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 1.2v that I have mentioned in my previous post . It has been a great experience so far and 100% would recommend it as an upgrade either the 1.2 version or 2.0 version. I am constantly tinkering and playing with my printer in the effort to try and get the best quality of prints out of it, I know if I would have bought a more expensive printer to begin with I would already have a ton of the features and upgrades I am doing to this printer but I would not learn the things I have along the way. You might be asking what does the Auto Bed Leveling do? Well to put it simply it doesn't exactly do what the name suggest but it does help. You still have to level, or better referred to as Tram the build surface to same plane as your print head it is not necessari

You wanted time lapse videos, here are a couple!

  I am still working out how I want to do the time-lapse videos and how I want them to look but here are a few that I have done playing around with different settings in Octoprint / Octolapse . The First one is a whistle found on Thingiverse called V29 . The second one is everyone's favorite Flexi-Rex . The Final Results of the prints. For the whistle it is not the one in the time lapse I ended up printing it twice and the one in the video it is lost in my daughter's toy boxes.