The Scare!

 So the other night when I sat down to do some printing it had a bit of a scare. Flipped on the power switch for the printer and nothing happened. At that point my mind started racing. things were going through my head like “I hope the main board did short out!”, “did something overload and cool itself?”, “maybe it is just a bad power cord?”, “hope it is nothing major cause it is not even 6 months old”. After the initial shock wore off my Help Desk troubleshooting brain kicked in and started narrowing down the issue. Things I tried and things I noticed include:

  • when moving the print bed fast enough it lights up the LCD screen. This has been a ”feature” since replacing the mainboard with the upgraded one. Lead me to believe it was still fine.
  • tried reseating power cords power strips and tried different power cords to no success.
after all of this lead me to something going on with the power supply. So I took it off and busted out my trusty Multi-meter to start figuring out what is going on. Took the cover off to check for loose connections but didn’t see anything so put it all back together again. Once it was all back together I powered up the power supply by itself and it booted up. Then connected it to the printer and it too worked fine. I am still baffled by this and now a little bit nervous about the printer's power supply so I will probably be putting a new one on my list to get before to long but it has been working fine for last week over without any more issues.


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