The Printer

 The Printer Creality Ender 3 with an upgraded motherboard on it. The motherboard on the 3D printer makes it super quiet due to the upgraded stepper motors. The board selected is the BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V1.2 Control Board. Amazon Affiliate Link

This is before the motherboard replacement.

This is after the motherboard replacement.

The videos were recorded back in July 2020 when I first got the printer and upgrade parts and long before I decided to start the website and start recording everything.

Future plans for the printer is to build an enclosure for the printer to protect it from cool drafts that can effect the prints along with hooking it up to a Raspberry Pi to run Octoprint to allow me to print to it wirelessly and setup time-lapse videos or live stream prints. All of which will be documented for future posts.

Other upgrades on the printer include a Glass print bed and a kit that included an all metal extruder and bed level springs.


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