Failed Print #3, well sort of

This is not so much a failed print that something went catastrophically wrong it was more I tried to print two things at once and they got fused together.

I was trying to cut down on the amount of prints needed for the enclosure I am designing and building by printing the foot adapter and foot in one go. the foot is threaded so I can adjust the height as needed to level the enclosure. The parts got fused together during the printing process most likely from a combination of factors, such as over extrusion, print tolerances, or something to do with my design or slicer configuration. i know there are ways to be able do it but just got do the research and get things dialed in.

I can also notice some ghosting going on around the screw holes. That is most likely due to an extrusion issue that I got to get dialed in.

Print Notes
Nozzle Temp: 200 C
Bed Temp: 60 C
Model: personal design
Notes: still been having first layer issues and over extrusion, not necessarily issues with the filament just it is being finicky getting it dialed in.

Here are some photos of the design model.

It might technically be a failed print but still doesn’t mean it is not useful. Turns out it is It is the perfect stand/riser for a Wyze security cam setup to be a print monitor cam that I can also do time lapses with.


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