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Adventures into OctoPrint

Over the years that I have done 3D printing I have mainly used the tried and true method of saving the exported G-Code files from Cura to SD cards and moving those SD cards from my computer to my Printer. This is a reliable way of setting up your printer for print jobs but it is not very efficient especially when you are doing rapid prototyping of your own designs. I have known about Octoprint for several years but I never bit the bullet to invest into the hardware to set it up, until Now! My Lovely wife got me one for Christmas and I was able to successfully set it up and get it going. The setup process only took me roughly 30 minutes to and I didn't even have to have it hooked up to a monitor or anything. Steps to setup OctoPrint: Buy a Raspberry Pi , I recommend the Pi 4B Buy a Micro SD Card, recommend at least 16GB. I am using a PNY 16GB Performance Class 4 but that is because I had that on hand. Class 10 is typically recommended. Go to Downloa

The Scare!

  So the other night when I sat down to do some printing it had a bit of a scare. Flipped on the power switch for the printer and nothing happened. At that point my mind started racing. things were going through my head like “I hope the main board did short out!”, “did something overload and cool itself?”, “maybe it is just a bad power cord?”, “hope it is nothing major cause it is not even 6 months old”. After the initial shock wore off my Help Desk troubleshooting brain kicked in and started narrowing down the issue. Things I tried and things I noticed include: when moving the print bed fast enough it lights up the LCD screen. This has been a ”feature” since replacing the mainboard with the upgraded one. Lead me to believe it was still fine. tried reseating power cords power strips and tried different power cords to no success. after all of this lead me to something going on with the power supply. So I took it off and busted out my trusty Multi-meter to start figuring out what is goin

Old filament, lots of it!

  What to do what to do, I got lots of old filament that I really need to go through. What oh what should I do to get through it all? Open to ideas, shoot me a message via email or on social media. The majority of this filament is pushing 2-3 years old. The variety pack was bought back in October 2017.

Failed Print #3, well sort of

This is not so much a failed print that something went catastrophically wrong it was more I tried to print two things at once and they got fused together. I was trying to cut down on the amount of prints needed for the enclosure I am designing and building by printing the foot adapter and foot in one go. the foot is threaded so I can adjust the height as needed to level the enclosure. The parts got fused together during the printing process most likely from a combination of factors, such as over extrusion, print tolerances, or something to do with my design or slicer configuration. i know there are ways to be able do it but just got do the research and get things dialed in. I can also notice some ghosting going on around the screw holes. That is most likely due to an extrusion issue that I got to get dialed in. Print Notes Filament: Giantarm Black PLA 1.5mm - Review Nozzle Temp: 200 C Bed Temp: 60 C Model: personal design Notes: still been having first layer issues and over extrusion

How To: Replacement Tripod Mount Plate

This guide is just to highlight the design process of making a 3D model for printing from start to finish. The Tool that I use for designing my models is Fusion 360 by Autodesk . Currently I am using the Free for personal use license but I do plan on upgrading to a paid version in the not to distant future. It is a very powerful tool that is easy to pick up and learn on. It is more geared towards mechanical and practical design. Their are other free options out their such as Blender that is more geared towards 3D animation and modeling to be used in movies or video games. What prompted this write up is that I had a Tripod mounting plate crack on me and instead of throwing out the whole tripod and getting a new one I decided to take up the challenge of designing and printing up a new one that would work with the Tripod. I busted up out my trusty Pittsburgh Digital Caliper's and started taking measurements to get an idea of what I needed to Sketch up using Fusion 360. It took a coup

Project: Monitor Stand

  I have started a monitor stand project that I am getting a little ambitious on. It was inspired by these Monitor Stand Legs by 3DDIY on Thingiverse . The way the pattern is achieved is with changing a setting in Cura , or I imagine any 3D model Slicer you choose, under the Shell Section. You just set the Layer count to Zero. After that you just change the infill pattern to one you like, in my case because the Honeycomb option was not available I choose the "Cubic Subdivision" pattern that in my opinion gave a pretty cool look to it. As for what I am going to do inspired from this project is a Drawer with a removable face plate using this method of removing a wall to reveal the infill. This is going to be a super long print and take a couple of days to complete. Just for the Drawer alone it is estimating the time is going to be 18 Hours and 37 Minutes. I am not 100% sure if I want to do it in Black or stick with White. Other Design plans are to come up with a routing templa

New Roll Who This? GIANTARM PLA Filament Review

Once I got the settings dialed in for the new filament I was able to get good print results. The filament was packaged very well, came vacuum sealed, and included a storage bag. However, the filament roll was not wound very tightly and there are waves in the filament. I have only had the filament for a few days and haven’t gotten to do much printing with it yet but it could have some over laps in the spool. If I come across any I will definitely update the review. The Dialed in settings are as listed: Nozzle: 180 C Bed: 45 C Flow: 95% Amazon Affiliate Link

Print Fail

  Well last night started a large print that was going to take a long while and it ended up failing. I am not 100% sure what caused the print to fail but I am going to guess it was due to it not being leveled well. However, this comes with the territory of 3D printing and just have to clean it up and try again. for anyone interested this is a monitor stand I found on Thingiverse .

The Printer

  The Printer Creality Ender 3 with an upgraded motherboard on it. The motherboard on the 3D printer makes it super quiet due to the upgraded stepper motors. The board selected is the BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V1.2 Control Board . Amazon Affiliate Link This is before the motherboard replacement. This is after the motherboard replacement. The videos were recorded back in July 2020 when I first got the printer and upgrade parts and long before I decided to start the website and start recording everything. Future plans for the printer is to build an enclosure for the printer to protect it from cool drafts that can effect the prints along with hooking it up to a Raspberry Pi to run Octoprint to allow me to print to it wirelessly and setup time-lapse videos or live stream prints. All of which will be documented for future posts. Other upgrades on the printer include a Glass print bed and a kit that included an all metal extruder and bed level springs .

Rite of Passage - The Benchy

  Using the filament reviewed in my previous blog post, GEEETECH PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm White Review , and after getting it dialed in I decided to print a Jumbo Benchy. Link to download the Benchy files can be found on Thingiverse . Just a short video clip of when it was printing.