OctoLapse RAW Photo Settings

Using the Octoprint plugin Octolapse by FormerLurker . There is a feature in the camera setting called “ External Camera - Script ” that can trigger Raspistill captures from the Raspberry Pi CSI camera. Trial and Error This is surprisingly not a very common method of getting higher quality photos for Timelapse partially due to it being a little bit more complicated and when using Raspistill for RAW photos it is actually just tacking the RAW data to the end of the JPEG files. To be able to use the RAW photo data the information will have to be extracted from the JPEG file and stuff like DCRAW would be needed to be used or other special software. Jack’s Blog over at actually got this idea started for me and has a pretty good write up on some very impressive camera shots from the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera . What I have figured out is how to use the OctoLapse plugin to run custom scripts more intended for external

OctoPrint Camera Setting Rabbit Holes and lighting...

So I have been dusting off the 3D printer to back into the swing of things and getting back into the blog. With getting back into the blog I want to take things slow and do it right and improving the quality for any videos. Camera Setting Rabbit Hole: As for the story of Rabbit Holes and Lighting. I have been going down the Rabbit Hole of trying to improve the video quality of time lapse videos. what I am trying figure out is how to get the the Photos in Octo-Lapse either in RAW or something as close as possible while staying on a tight budget, so no fancy DSLR is in the budget. So instead of using my previously reviewed webcams I figured I pick up one of the Raspberry Pi cams that uses a CS lense. I picked up the Arducam 5MP OV5647 Camera Board /w CS mount Lens [ Amazon , Arducam ] to be able to play around with and try out different lenses. The reason behind this particular camera was primarily due to price and it has a raw supported format "8-/10-bit raw RGB data" [ Arduc

3D Printing and Kids

So I have slowly getting back into the swing of thing in the 3D printing world. A lot of stems from telling my wife don’t let me veg out and watch TV alright stay on top of me to force me back into it.    I struggle with project burn out where I get really into something for a while then after a few months I get bored and move onto something else. However, 3D printing is something that I regularly come back to. This go around with the help of my wife and daughter I have gotten back into it. I have been printing a lot of Toy Boats from Thingiverse, link for the curious: , for my Daughter that she loves.  Which this brings me to the Title 3D printing and Kids, 3D printing can be a great inspirational and educational tool for children that excites them. Things like seeing it grow as it prints, getting to choose what color it is, scaling it from something real tiny to something real big. It can spark their curiosity and I see it everyday in my daug

Been away for a bit...

 So I have been away for a bit and life has been busy. Got a new Puppy, keeping up with a toddler and a couple family vacations. However I got my desk straightened up, printer somewhat dusted off and starting to get back into things. Getting back into the hang of things and I am going to start posting more often. For now this is just going to be a short post. I am not 100% sure how much I will be doing video wise because editing videos kind of sucks but I will figure something out.

3D Printed Speaker part 1, upcycled Logitech X530 speaker

  So I had the idea of 3D printing a custom speaker for a little bit and watching videos from people like Hexi Base,  Hexi Base Channel , who does a lot of great 3D printed speakers and subwoofers. Thomas Sanladerer’s covering of 3D printing speakers,  DIY 5.1 Surround speakers - a learning opportunity! #3DPrinting . Along with more traditional speaker design videos such as SoundBlab,  SoundBLab's Channel . To start down the journey of designing and printing speaker housing I figured to wing it and to repurpose some speakers I have around the house. First speakers to start experimenting with are some old Logitech surround sound speakers,  CNET's review of Logitech X530 speakers , that I had left over from this set that went missing in college. I took one apart and started measuring one up to do a rough draft of a custom speaker.    Now keep in mind I am no expert in speaker design and don’t plan on pretending to be one online.    I also have no clue on how well it will sound on

Change of pace…

 Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I haven’t abandoned doing stuff just having a bit of change of focus. I previously was doing weekly or more frequent posts and it got a bit challenging to keep up and keep it high quality. So I am shifting to a more irregular posting but try and have higher quality posts. I am most likely going to repurpose the blog to a show notes type thing for the YouTube videos I have been doing. Thank you for your support and tuning in!

Gregger's Lab Live Stream- We are going to get ABS to print well, somehow...